Women diagnosed with breast cancer begin a journey that requires making health care decisions that can have profound effects on their bodies and their quality of life. During this journey, having knowledge about the available health care options can help women act as their own advocate. The decision to have breast reconstruction may become a part of this journey. As a plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Our surgeons provide patients with the tools and knowledge to empower them to make important decisions about their bodies. The following booklet was developed for SIH patients based on and reproduced with the permission of MD Anderson.

We hope that this book can act as a resource, providing past, current and future patients with breast cancer the ability to make informed decisions about breast reconstruction. While everyone’s journey is unique, our hope for all patients with breast cancer is that they have the opportunity to consider breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can give back a sense of wholeness and provide the final step in recovery for many survivors of breast cancer.

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